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Jeff writes: “This is a great set of pliers for doing work on small things such as electronics.  The set includes mini-long-nose pliers, mini diagonal cutters, and mini-pliers.  I received a set as a gift, and they’ve made my electronics projects way easier.  I know many Toolmonger readers are automotive ‘big tool’ type people but I found your site through “Make:” and I imagine there are other toolmonger readers that wouldn’t mind hearing about small tools.”

We love small tools (and electronics), too, Jeff!  Like, for example:

We also have a set of small pliers like this in testing right now from Irwin; look for a “hands-on” soon.

The set pictured sells from Sears, of course, and lists for $20.  As always, careful sale shopping can net you 10% or more pretty regularly from Sears.

Craftsman 3-pc Pliers Set, Mini Box-Joint [Sears]


6 Responses to Reader Find: Craftsman Precision Pliers Set

  1. eschoendorff says:

    My only regret with these tools is taht they are made in China. I know it’s not a big huge deal to many people, but one of the “draws” of Craftsman hand tools is that they are made here in the USA.

    Other than that, you won’t find better unless you pony up for Snap On.

  2. sizod says:

    It is good value for money for this set. I am currently on my 3rd pair of diagonal cutters, good job craftsman has that free replacement

  3. Myself says:

    This style of joint always gets sloppy after use, in my experience. That’s why I was so delighted to find box joint pliers in an ultra-fine needle nose, which I submitted as a reader find a few weeks back.

    FindingKing (who I found through Froogle) has a set of five small box-joint pliers/cutters, and a pile of needle files, for $21 plus shipping. Definitely worth looking into!

    Also take a look at Micro-Tools, their PLR-580-60 looks pretty sweet, and they offer a few kits in the $20-25 range.

  4. Tony says:

    I have a pair of the needle nose pliers for working inside my computer. Couldn’t be happier. They were pretty cheap (~$5) and they have smooth jaws, which I like as it won’t mark up soft plastic like grooved jaws. They are the perfect size from gripping jumpers.

  5. Dazrin says:

    I have a similar set to these, but they were the long reach pliers. I love them! They are much more useful to me than the shorter ones. If something is so close that I can use the short ones, I have found I don’t necessarily need the mini-tools at all. The long-reach pliers are great for tight spaces.

    The set I have is Craftsman, they came in a 5 pc set with needle nose, long reach, bent tip long reach, diaganal cutters and an end cutter. I am not sure if you can find them anymore (not in the Craftsman catalog), but they are basically the same as the ones from Mac Tools.

  6. Dazrin says:

    After I left my earlier comment and then read some replies to the long sets, I decided to look at the shorter sets. I have basically decided I like the long ones, but the short ones will come in handy for some things.

    So when I went to Sears today to get some replacements for a bunch of stolen tools – I saw the 3 pc Craftsman precision pliers in a “collector’s edition” car tin. For $4.97. I figured I could afford them at that price. They aren’t the professional series, but as I said, I don’t care for the short ones as much as the longs.

    I figure you can’t really beat $5 for these, especially when the same set without the collector’s tin is $10. They have about 20+ sets in stock at my local Sears (Washington Square in Tigard, Oregon). Here is the regular price set – http://www.sears.com/sr/javasr/product.do?cat=Hand+Tools%2C+General+Purpose&pid=00945698000&vertical=TOOL&subcat=Pliers&BV_UseBVCookie=Yes

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