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According to the business section of the Hartford Courant, Holo-Krome, Inc’s tool manufacturing plant in West Hartford “was cited for 26 alleged ‘willful, repeat and serious violations of standards’ after an inspection that began in August.”  Proposed penalties total $247,000.

The Courant noted that the in the most serious violation OSHA claims that Holo-Krome “bypassed or removed safety devices that protected workers from moving machine parts, resulting in a hand injury to a worker.”  The Courant also says this is the third time in six years the company’s been cited.

Ouch!  Holo-Krome is currently a part of Danaher Corp., which I’d imagine has no desire for this kind of publicity and will likely have something to say about all this.

OSHA Cites Tool Maker [Courant.com]


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