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In our experience, the small and extra-small screwdrivers of both types are incredibly useful for the ‘Voider’s stated purpose — opening gadgets and electronic items.  And, since little torque is required for such tasks, the ‘Voider’s small size is an asset rather than a liability. 


The file’s “screwdriver” end is most useful as a perfectly-sized pry bar for opening plastic cases, like the ceiling fan remote control in this picture.  A quick twist popped it right open.

post-makewv19.jpg   post-makewv20.jpg   post-makewv21.jpg

While you’re not going to skin a deer with it, the ‘Voider’s blade is just the right size for de-sheathing CAT-5 cable.  In fact, as you can see in the pictures, we were able to de-sheath and strip CAT-5 solely with the ‘Voider.  Sure, you’ve probably got a better tool for the job, but can you clip it to your keychain?

post-makewv22.jpg   post-makewv23.jpg

Unlike cheap multi-tools which sort of mush into the open position, the ‘Voider snaps firmly into place, giving you confidence that it won’t fold back up when you use pliers and wire cutters/strippers.  We used the cutter to clip some 16-gauge solid-core copper wire, and it easily made clean cuts.  The stripper also stripped the 16-gauge clean in one pull.


We used the file to deburr a freshly-cut key that was catching on jeans’ pockets to good effect.  Unless you’re MacGyver, neither of the files is going to see heavy use, but they’re quite functional.  It wouldn’t be unreasonable to clearance a small plastic part with them.

The tweezers might help you out of a bind, but I haven’t had a need for them yet.  I suspect they’d easily remove a small splinter from your finger or assist in nabbing a dropped screw where fingers won’t fit.  They seem significantly more durable than the plastic-backed tweezers you see in Victorinox knives.  As they’re all-metal, you could also bend them out a bit for special tasks, then bend them back for stowage.

As you might expect, the bottle opener works fine.

Read on to page 3 for our conclusions.

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6 Responses to Hands-On: MAKE’s Warranty Voider

  1. eschoendorff says:

    What a cheesey idea. I totally want one!!!!

  2. Lee says:

    “Make:” should have been called “Hack:” A true maker builds from scratch and warranties aren’t an issue. So, now Make: has hacked the Leatherman and they are heroes. Not.

  3. Myself says:

    But the word “hack” has such baggage in the mainstream media. The magazine’s name is a clever PR move. It’s sad that it was necessary, but it’s working. I won’t begrudge them the word.

    Anyway, the tip of that straightblade “screwdriver” looks like it’s rounded to cam-out before you get any torque applied. What’s the deal with that? I might have to pick one of these up just to take some decent closeup photos of the screwdrivers in comparison with the Swisstech Micro-Plus.

  4. Raelx says:

    If I’m not mistaken the logo is laser etched, not screen printed. Cooler and more durable.

  5. Bob7k says:

    hahaha. exactly what i was thinking, better put it on an easy to remove chain for those people who hit the skys a lot, otherwise its down and away mister osama.

  6. american lockpicker says:

    I got one of those today. Mine says Radio Shack on it.

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