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Slow housing starts put the hurt on power tool manufacturers, but it seems like the holidays are working out pretty well for them.  According to the Frederick, Maryland News-Power Online, tools (as well as games) sold briskly over the holidays. 

(BTW, I couldn’t resist posting the accompanying photo from the article, because judging by the bags they carry, these two seem interested in neither power tools nor card games.  I’m just sayin’.}

Some of the hot items local retailers reported included power tools, wrench sets, screwdrivers, and tool sets as a whole.

I think next year we’re going to see a major swing toward promoting high-end tools to the DIY crowd, which IMHO is a good thing.  Why buy a half-assed tool when you can have the real deal?

Games, Tools Selling Briskly for Holiday [Frederick News-Post Online]


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