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Rolling around under the Yukon project on a crawler — or wriggling under the chassis bareback — brings to mind thoughts of a lift unit like the S2900L from Ammco.  It boasts a 6.5 foot at 9000 lbs. bench press capacity. 

The S2900L is a two-post-style design, which means it oiffers a relatively small footprint when compared to its four post brethren.  This unit is made for “low” ceilings but you’ll still need 12′ to 14′ to hoist larger vehicles like SUVs or pickup trucks to the full 6.5’.  I suppose that’s beyond most garages.  Hey — at least you wouldn’t have to dig out four jack stands just to slide under it. 

It may be a bit of a pipe dream but walking under a vehicle that’s suspended 6′ in the air sounds better than having it perched an inch from your chest.

S900L Lift [Ammco]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


4 Responses to Finds: S900L Lift

  1. Myself says:

    I’m holding out for one that’ll tip the vehicle back 90 degrees so I don’t have to work over my head the whole time. 🙂 Fluids, schmuids!

    Seriously though, I wonder whether any architects are designing houses with vault-ceiling garages for these things. Seems to me that most folks with the dough to have a house custom-designed are paying someone else to work on their cars, but there’s the Jay Leno factor to consider.

    The trouble with detatched garages is that, not sharing any walls with the house, they’re even less efficient to heat in the winter. Garage doors aren’t very well insulated, if at all. And you’d certainly want a heated garage if you spend enough time on the car to justify a lift.

    I think the solution is just to get an old auto shop that’s zoned mixed-use and live in the upstairs flat. 🙂

  2. Toolaremia says:

    “I think the solution is just to get an old auto shop that’s zoned mixed-use and live in the upstairs flat.”

    I’ve been trying to do that for years. I’m the closest I’ve come right now. The house I’m renting uses the basement as a four-car garage. The living area above it is just a place to keep my clothes and bed. 😉

    No clearance for a lift, though. 🙁

    I’m still shopping for the 3000 sq-ft truss-beam-supported (no support poles) cement floor ranch house with a subterranean 15′-tall basement with a double wide door on one end. Ooh, with a super-flat/level pad for suspension setup. Oh, and real area drains so I can wash cars without opening the door.

  3. Myself says:

    I keep thinking that one of the old AT&T Long Lines system buildings would be great. Cut a roll-up door into the back of that sucker and call it a day.

  4. dac says:

    Toolaremia, at least around here they won’t let you put a floor drain in the garage, because of the fear that people will send oil/etc down the drain. Sigh!!

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