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We always love to see units that make the shop more organized; whose shop is ever as big as it should be?  It may take a bit more pegboard real estate than a hammer hook, but the circular saw blade holder keeps your saw blades nice and out of the way. 

It seems like a simple idea, but mounting five blades in a row suspended in a sturdy cradle attached to the ever-present pegboard is good thinking.  It keeps blades handy for when you need to change a blade on your circular or miter saw.  And, it make you looks like you have your shop under control.  (Visitors don’t have to know the truth, do they?) 

If nothing else, it’s a bit more secure and less spur-of-the-moment than the classic nail in the wall method.

Street pricing starts at $10.

Circular Saw Blade Holder [Diamond Life Gear]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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