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I’ve seen a few variants of this, but couldn’t help posting Black & Decker’s latest.  The idea behind these kind of lights is that you can wrap them around whatever you’ve got at hand to hold them in place, or even bend them into shape to make their own stand like in the picture.

Black & Decker updated this old concept with LED technology: 14 LEDs where you used to find a fluorescent tube and 3 more replacing an old incandescent in the flashlight end.  That end’s removable, by the way, making it more like a true flashlight when you need one.

It runs on the “C” cell batteries and claims up to five hours of continuous run time with the big light blazing.

Street pricing starts just shy of $30.

The Snake Light 17 LED Cordless Work Light/Flashlight [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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