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Did you happen to receive a shiny-new router for Christmas?  What could be better to put it in than its own full-sized router table?  The proMax complete router table has all the bells and whistles you need — housed in birch-paneled goodness. 

The table stands with cast iron rein-forced strength at a height of 35-1/2” with a girth of 27″ and a 20” depth.  Its pull-out storage bins have room for all the routing accessories you’ll need to get that next project underway as well as a 28” Bench Dog ProFence, which is included with the unit.

The Bench Dog cabinet even helps pick up after itself with a 4” dust port than you can hooked into a dust collection system to help evacuate all the unwanted sawdust routers make a career out of producing.  It’s a great unit if your wallet can stretch to fit the $735 price, tag but then again with a unit like this… Is that really the point?

ProMax Complete Cabinet [Bench Dog]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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