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Today we’re proud to annouce our “Day 25” winner in the 25 Days of Fuego give away: Ryan.

Ryan’s project: “My next project is to build a fence on the side of my house and then a shed in the spring time. I already made some shelves with a borrowed old saw and some embarassingly bad cuts with a dull blade. It would be great if I had my own saw, with a new blade to get the job done. I’m sure my dad is eager to let his nearly 20 year old circular saw resume rusting on his shelves at home.”

Congrats, Ryan, This one should make a difference over the dull cranky old saw. Be sure and send us some pictures of the new fence and shed.

Contest Details [Toolmonger/RIDGID]


One Response to 25 Days of Fuego: Day 25 Winner

  1. Ryan says:

    Woo Hooo!!! I cant believe I pulled it off on the last day! Thanks toolmonger, I’m looking forward to my projects, and using the Fuego. I will keep you posted with pictures in the future!

    Happy New Year!!!

    – Ryan

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