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Once the orgy of greed and wrapping paper has come to a close, you’ll need to set about storing all the mini lights.  Why not roll them up like an extension cord and get the lights out of the way without leaving them tangled for next year?  Wrap N’ Roll Light Reels do exactly that — and trust us, it’s the way to go. 

Just attach one end to the reel and start rolling in lights.  Next year you’ll thank yourself for it when you go to put them out again and test for bad strings or bulbs that aren’t lit because you can plug them in and test bulbs right on the reel and find bad bulbs as you unroll the lights off.

About 3 to 5 stands of mini lights or 1-2 strands of 300 bulb icicle lights will fit on each reel. Since they run about 2 bucks per reel a great deal of organization can be had for not a lot of green, especially if you mange to score a few the day after Christmas when they’re priced at around 50 cents per. 

Hey — it beats putting them in a garbage bag and figuring it out next holiday season.

Normally you we wold give you a Froogle link but you can find these at any store that is selling holiday lighting or decorations.


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