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Houdini couldn’t get that artificial tree back in the box it came in. Once it’s out, that bad boy isn’t going back in without a PhD in spatial mechanics.  So don’t.  Put it in a tree bag instead. 

Tree bags are made from lightweight/tear proof polypropylene and are big enough to hold a 9′ artificial Christmas tree.  Instead of two handles on one side of a big box that you can’t get to or use while trying to get it out of storage, the tree bag has two large, heavy-duty handles that will actually be of some use while trying to move the tree in and out of the attic or storage unit.

Just stuff the tree into the bag and use the big solid zipper to get it shut and viola a packaged Christmas tree ready to be stowed until next year.

A tree bag like this one retails for about $12 almost anywhere decorations are sold. Some hard shopping will get you one for less after the 25th.


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  1. Dan says:

    We use cling wrap on each of the branches that un clip from the tree. squash all the wire branches then wrap 6 or 7 times. we have more room in the box it came in then when we 1st bought it.

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