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Today we’re proud to annouce our “Day 24” winner in the 25 Days of Fuego give away: Brian C.

Brian’s project: “As an avid volunteer of his time and abilities in the Mountain Search and Rescue team and as a trainer of knot & rope work for firemen and other rescuers, my father-in-law is a man with ability and skill, just not a handyman. However, he is a man very short on time and his small house, where he lives alone, has some much needed work that needs doing.

Since he volunteers so much of his time, I thought as a Christmas present that I could volunteer some of mine this winter. His house is built into the side of a hill and has a large wrap-around deck as well as a smaller deck off of a back bedroom. These are roughly 20+’ above ground. They have fallen into disrepair and are now dangerous. The railings are loose, the deck planks are rotting, the framing is falling apart. His front porch, although not as high off the ground, is in a similar state. I believe he is semi-fearless as he still walks on these decks!!! I want to rebuild his decks and his front porch for him. He deserves it and it’s needed.”

Congrats, Brian, good luck on the deck and Merry Christmas to you!

If you didn’t win — you have one more chance today by posting your winter project (that makes use of the Fuego) as a comment on this post for another chance to win.  (And remember, though you can only win once, you can post projects as often as you’d like.  So, if yours wasn’t selected, don’t be afraid to give us a new take on it — or maybe link in a picture!)

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8 Responses to 25 Days of Fuego: Day 24 Winner — Another Chance to Win

  1. Manfred says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    I recently became very involved in Habitat for Humanity. I am in charge of a new Saturday crew. For those of you who are not familiar with Habitat for Humanity, future house owners must work 500 hours before they are eligible to have a house built for them. Therefore our regular Saturday crew is composed mostly of low income future home owners. A new Fuego would be a great tool for them to learn basic skills. It would get quite a workout! There are currently two new house project underway. They are each 1100 sq. ft with 3 bedrooms. The framing has just been started and continue for 2 more months.

  2. deckhand says:

    No project. Just a hearty congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all the entrants. It was great reading material.

    Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks to Toolmonger for a superb contest (even though I didn’t win!)

  3. Brian C. says:

    Thank you SO much! What a wonderful Christmas present!! LOL – my wife and I were talking about this saw last night and she jokingly said maybe Santa would bring it!

    I can’t wait to receive the Fuego and share my experiences with it. Thanks again, Toolmonger!

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    ~Brian C.

  4. Sally says:

    It has been fun reading everyone’s comments and wondering what I would do with a saw that is actually light enough for someone without “man-sized” muscles to use. I’m a special education teacher who picks up tools on a regular basis to work on projects with my family. We just became owned by a circa 1860 farmhouse, and have many projects in the works, such as tearing down sheetrock and exposing beautiful old beams, building a hearth so we can return the home to wood heat, and restoring the old barn that has seen better days. In the midst of these projects I generally have to take a break from the tools that just weren’t built for my small frame, and leave the fun to the guys. A lighter saw would certainly help put an end to these hiccups and help us make better progress on bringing our old house to life.

  5. Ryan says:

    Dear Mr. ToolMonger Guy,

    Recently I built some quick shelves using my fathers borrowed circular saw to help tidy up the accumulating mess in the garage. Cutting OSB with my fathers circular saw made for some embarrassing results. I’ve included a picture of a “straight” cut with this saw. It is probably needless to say at this point, but I have since learned about pitch build up and the effects of a dull blade. After a few re-cuts and strategic placement of my poorly cut wood, my shelves were done! The end result turned out functional, and nice enough (OSB shelves on 2×4 framing).

    My next project is to build a fence on the side of my house and then a shed in the spring time. I have attached a picture of my planned shed, and also some pictures of the shelves I made in the garage — not excluding my embarassingly bad cut with a dull blade. It would be great if I had my own saw, with a new blade to get the job done. I’m sure my dad is eager to let his nearly 20 year old circular saw resume rusting on his shelves at home.

    – Ryan

  6. Richard Kelley says:

    It would be a great way to top the holiday season for this old man! Past retirement age, but I try to keep busy helping other old people and those in need when I can. My specific first project would be to build shelves in a garage too full for a car, or cars as it was designed. Then a good workbench instead of the front steps of the house. It enable me to stop making a mess that my wife needs to remind me to clean up each time I do anything involving wood.

    I have been impressed with the light weight of the Fuego. I have diabetic difficulties with an arm and hand making it difficult to manuver heavy equipment. Thanks for the opportunity to submit. I just learned about the drawing yesrerday. Thanks for your consideration. The idea was great!

  7. Eric says:

    Merry Christmas!

    As a recent graduate from University and being an art major I have a whole lot of art work that needs a home. I would like to hang it in my house, but living with a bunch of college kids, I need to store it.

    Right now it is all over my room and house, sitting in boxes. Needless to say, it would be nice to put everything in a central location, where I know it wouldn’t be touched by my 6 roomates and I could make sure it is stored properly.

    I one, need a place to put all of these paintings and photos. With the Fuego, I would build a storage box for everything. After making a big storage box, I would continue the work on the workbench i built in my former school’s wood shop. With more work on my workbench I could have a place to make more art, which I would really like to do, but in order to do so, need to get some building taken care of first.

    Take a look at my website, attached to my name to see some of the work I am talking about, that needs a storage home.


  8. Eric says:

    sorry about the 2nd comment. i did the link to my website wrong in the first one… it will work now.