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In this article today, Jane Martin of the Columbus Dispatch offers some good advice about caring for your garden tools over the winter.  From the article:

Soil and plant sap left on tools hold moisture that can cause rust on metal parts. Start by rinsing tools with water and using a wire brush or coarse steel wool to remove soil. To remove rust, use steel wool on small tools, and medium-grit sandpaper on larger flat surfaces such as spades, shovels and hoes.

Use a whetstone to sharpen pruning shears, doing your best to follow the original factory edge. Spades, shovels and hoes can be sharpened with a metal file or grinding wheel, also following the original edge. Then coat metal surfaces with lightweight oil. Wooden tool handles should be cleaned with a brush and sandpaper, then coated with boiled linseed oil.

There’s a lot more good advice there.  Check it out; it’s a good read.

To Avoid Rust, Tools Need Some TLC During Winter Lull [The Columbus Dispatch]


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  1. Simon says:

    A palm sander does a nice job of polishing metal before you spray it with protectant.

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