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Lincolns writes: “The ClampTite tool is a very versitile hand tool that hides in your tool box until it can do with a simple piece of wire what nothing you have at hand can do.  Most of the time it’ll do a better job than a purpose-built fastener!”

It took me a while to work up the courage to click on a link that’s only an IP address, and it tool me a bit longer to figure out how it works — but once I did, I think I’m going to order one.  Essentially it’s similar to a set of safety-wire pliers, but it also has additional attachements to assist you in easily making hose clamps and such from raw wire stock.

It’s pretty difficult to explain exactly how it works, so check out the site (link below) where they have a 10+ picture set showing exactly how to make single- and double-twist clamps.

They offer three versions: a one-piece all stainless steel one for $70 (with an optional extension and hole for a neck strap for marine use), a smei-stainless version for $40, and a plated/aluminum two-piece version for $30.  The first two currently ship with some free wire, too.

And, it appears, they’re offering free shipping right now.

The ClampTite Tool [clamptool.com]


2 Responses to Reader Find: The ClampTite Tool

  1. Rob says:

    I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a while but can’t really justify it as I don’t have an immediate need for one. Definitely looks like a useful tool though and not having to depend on having the right size hose clamp is a nice thing.

  2. Cy Fenton says:

    What a perfect stocking stuffer. I’m buying one for my Dad (and me of course!) for next Christmas!

    BTW – The nerd in me is compelled to tell you that the IP address listed in your URL maps to http://www.clamptool.com. The web address works just fine.

    Happy New Year!

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