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Pegboard has long been the DIY’s friend; it organizes the shop and puts your favorite tools close at hand.  What could be better than that?  How about the X2 System Diamond plate pegboard? The moment I laid eyes on it a voice in my head screamed, “Holy shop bling, Batman — I want that!”

This shiny pegged wonder claims to hold up to a freakin ton of weight and comes in several types of material and finish such as brushed aluminum and galvanized steel — but my favorite is still the aluminum diamond plate.  The holes are standard size and spacing so you can use your existing pegs and favorite holders to keep the shop looking its best.

We were really expecting this to be cost more, but fthe $59 price tag is quite reasonable.  Damn, I love diamond plate.

X2 Diamond Plate Aluminum Pegboard [Diamond Life]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Myself says:

    If you’re sneaky, you’ll stick some acoustic foam behind this stuff. Every little bit helps to deaden the reflected-noise nightmare that workshops can become, and behind the pegboard you won’t lose any space to it.

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