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A few years back my pipes froze on Christmas Eve.  It was a magical time of constant swearing and throngs of family members giving me advice — that would have been useful 48 hours earlier.  To help you avoid duplicating this experience, I give you this piece of advice: put faucet covers on your outside faucets. 

Such covers are made mainly from an insulating styrofoam cup that slips over your valve knob and secures via a draw-tight plastic cable.  Like the M.I.B. they are often times your first, last and only line of defense against freezing wind and frosty fallings from old man winter.

And they cost a whopping $3 a piece at your local home center for the nice styrofoam/hard-shell plastic kind like the red unit above, so there’s no excuse not to get one.  It really is worth the small hassle.  Believe me when I say that nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like no running water in the house and crawling around in mud.

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  1. melvin says:

    Freeze proof taps or hydrants are another option. Because the valve is actually inside the heated space no ice can form and the tap is available instantly.

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