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We always love to browse when it comes to Lie-Nielsen.  They make fine hand tools that are works of art in and of themselves.  Their saws — like this dovetail for instance — are always simple, elegant and functional.
Lie-Nielsen saws have a beautifully sculpted open-handle style that shows off the wiping varnish finish that presents a “softer” feel to the maple handle.  The steel is Swedish high carbon hardened steel (16 teeth every 25mm) with a milled, solid back that adds weight to the cut. 

It’s a great saw for smaller or fine detailed projects.  Basically you wouldn’t want to whip this out on a construction site; it’s more of a finesse tool that’s best fitted to building high end furniture. 

In short, it’s made for people who enjoy crafting as much as the finished product.  Street pricing starts at $125.

Dovetail Saw [Lie-Nielson]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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