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Today we’re proud to annouce our “Day 22” winner in the 25 Days of Fuego give away: Mark.

Mark’s project: “Between not wanting to scrape frost off my car in the dim Ohio morning light and our 3 year old’s collection of tools and toys … ok, and my tools/toys too, my garage shop is no longer functional. Thus, my next _big_ project will be a 13′ x 17′ addition to the garage. The plans have lots of natural lighting and a large overhang/”patio” for the BBQ and a picnic table. Above all, this space will be fully insulated and will be heated with an external wood-fired oven … a place to work and play, toasty warm, and makes good food too! The idea with the wood-fired oven is to build it into the back corner of the addition so that it heats the work space through conduction.”

Congrats, Mark, a shop that serves up some BBQ why didn’t we think of that?

If you didn’t win — try again today by posting your winter project (that makes use of the Fuego) as a comment on this post for another chance to win.  (And remember, though you can only win once, you can post projects as often as you’d like.  So, if yours wasn’t selected, don’t be afraid to give us a new take on it — or maybe link in a picture!)

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P.S. For another chance to win post your winter project on the day 23 winner.


8 Responses to 25 Days of Fuego: Day 22 Winner — Another Chance to Win

  1. deckhand says:

    Congrats Mark, well done!

    owning a summer home is great BUT with it comes extra maintenance. My summer retreat has a neat floating dock but it’s tired and listing badly.

    Over the winter I plan to build a new one on the ice. Why on the ice? Nice flat surface and when the ice melts, the dock settles into the water and it’s re-attached to the crib on shore.

    I plan to make the frame out of 2″x12″ Western red cedar with 5/4 PT deck boards for the top. The ramp leading from shore will be 8′ wide by 12′ long and the dock itself will be 10′x16’sitting on 6 2′x 4′ floats. This gives me a water depth of 10′ at the end of the dock.

    There are numerous cuts to be made and the lightweight Fuego would be highly useful.

    The old dock lasted 15 years so I’m hoping this one will last at least as long.

  2. Allan says:

    Hello – my father has always been an inspiration to me in using tools and being a handyman. he was always fixing things while I was growing up. now that he’s older I need to do the same for him since he is no longer able to stand up in the garage for long periods of time running tools.

    If i won the Fuego I would help him rebuild his work table and repair his sunscreen porch in the back of the house. in his later years, I feel it’s the least I can do for a man who has taught me so much.

    I would also give him the fuego to replace his older, failing saw.

  3. Brian C. says:

    As the stay-at-home father of a 3 year old boy and a 4 year old girl, I can attest that these children are active and need a way to release energy! While in school, they have access to a playground, but at home? in the summer? My project is to build a climbable, 2-story playground structure in the backyard for my kids and their friends. It will need to have a slide, of course! and a small clubhouse on the bottom level, as well as a small covered sand pit. It will be made mostly of wood and TLC.

    Having priced these from various manufacturers, and being a true-blooded Toolmonger, I have decided to build it myself this winter. I am absolutely positive the Fuego can assist me in this endeavor and with many other projects to come. Thank you!

  4. Emily D says:

    I want to turn my ordinary flat dining room ceiling into a vaulted ceiling with skylights, and add a porch to the front of my house. Removing a section of celing joists will require additional support in the attic. The support should also help carry the weight of the new porch roof. The saw will be used to demo ceiling joists and roof sheathing. It will make all of the abundant framing changes and probably even cut the decking and the panels in the porch as well. The porch will be screen enclosed with a wood burning stove and stainless chimney. The floor will be a trex type product for durability. The interior walls will be simple mdo, 1x stock and quarter round panels on the bottom and screen up top. Girls can also love tools.

  5. Ryan R. says:

    Note: Please see the SketchUp Drawing I did of the shed I intend to build — just click on my name above.

    I have been a first-time home owner for two years now of a fixer-upper. So far, I have completely remodeled a bathroom, a bedroom, and a living room all without owning a circular saw. My neighbors and my father were all willing lenders in my tool-time of need. But, being a conscientious borrower, I do not want to overstep my lenders thresh-hold for my next project.

    If I win the Fuego, I would proudly use it on the project next on my list: A Shed. The shed is the project I am most excited about. I even spent several hours creating a mockup of it in SketchUp. (image linked to name above)

    My excitement about winning a Fuego was ignited tonight in the tool aisle of Home Depot. I thought about the plans I had already drawn up and all the cool features that I want to build. My shed will hold the usual items like a lawnmower, paint, and gardening tools. It will also act like a giant toy box for adults. In one corner, I am going to build a double staged area to store two jet skis stacked vertically, complete with nylon runners for easy removal — SWEET! In the other corner, I will have an area to keep my YZ250 dirt bike. Two doors on different sides of the shed will allow me easy access to the toys, and the tools. It’s going to be a great Spring project! I can’t wait to get it started!

  6. Theresa says:

    I work in special education, teaching children with learning disabilities for a private tutoring center in California. My ’kids’ need cubby-holes for their belongings and because we are strapped for cash, I am going to build them myself.

    If I win the Fuego I will be giving back to my community and helping learning disabled children.

    Thank you,


  7. Jerry Rose says:

    I have been doing the Do-It-Yourself projects now for over 35 years. In the past I have made everything from outdoor Christmas decorations to general remodeling of our house, i.e. Kitchen, baths, dual pane windows, doors, etc. You name it I have probably done something along that line.

    My projects are now extending into my coaching of track and field at a local high school. It seems that no matter how much you do there is always something else to do or make to help withion the community. With that said, my next project will be a rolling stroage to cover a pole vault pit. This cover will have to be on wheels so that one or two people can easily move it so that the pole vault landing pads will be available for use. The measurements will be approximately 28 feet by 21 feet and 5 feet in height. You can see that this will be quite an undertaking. I hope to begin this project early next year so that we will no longer have to carry these heavy a cumbersome landing surfaces out to the track on a daily basis for our vaulters to be able to practice their skills. It must be done by February 2007.

  8. Brian says:

    Both my parents are avid bibliophiles, but their little house is starting to get overrun with books as they are running out of shelves. My father is a carpenter and though he could make his own shelves he seems too busy spoiling his grandchildren.

    I’ve been wanting to make a set of oak bookshelves for my parent to show my father that I was learning something while I was watching him over the years and because my mom always appreciated her childrens’ homemade gifts. I imagine the Fuego would do a clean job cutting through oak plywood and it would be much more convenient than a table saw in my little basement shop.