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Rob writes: “This is a Workmate-type folding workbench that also doubles as a hand truck.  I have the B&D version which is ok but this one adds power outlets and looks like it might be a little more convenient to use (although I haven’t had a chance to actually try one.  It still looks heavy though.”

Actually, I’m pretty sure this is what our friend Joe Brown from Wired magazine was talking about when he guested on our last podcast; he’s got one and seems to like it quite a bit.  It looks significantly more sturdy than the standard multi-function tables we’ve seen.

At a street price of around $125, it’s in range with other similar products.  We’ll have to check one of these out and let you know more.

The FatMax Mobile Project Center [Stanley]
Street Pricing [Froogle]



2 Responses to Reader Finds: Stanley’s Mobile Project Center

  1. Myself says:

    Except the plastic parts at critical stress points make it an anti-heirloom tool. Even if you don’t use it, ten or twenty years from now the brittle plastic will fail. If you do use it, the degrading plastic will intersect with your everyday stresses even sooner.

  2. Rick Cook says:

    I’ve got one of these and I generally like it.

    You’re right, though. It is heavy. It’s also not much of a hand truck. Basically it lets you roll a work stand, extension cord and tool box around a work site.

    Yeah, it’s got plastic at critical parts, but at least the Stanley version is well made and it’s not going to fail any time soon.

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