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Chatanooga’s Eyewitness News delivered this piece of human interest today: A four-year-old “participating in woodworking activities” managed to swallow a nail. 

“Where did the nail go?  In my stomach,” said little Deavion.

Four days after a trip to the hospital, doctors were able to remove the nail, and Deavion’s doing fine.  Kudos to both Eyewitness 3 and Deavion’s mother for not overreacting and condemning the care center’s woodworking activities.  While accidents like this can happen if children aren’t properly supervised, accidents like the can happen later in life if they don’t learn a bit about how tools work when young!

If you want to hear Deavion tell the story himself, look for a video link on the bottom of the page linked below.

Child Swallows Nail [wrcbtv.com]


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