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While growing up I became all too familiar with the joys of string trimmers.  “Let the boy do it” was a familiar phrase.  We had a big-ass yard — 2 acres fenced in with chain link — so electric models were out.  (Who has a cord that long?)  Though gas powered trimmers are great for commercial work, for my job they seemed a bit like sand blasting a soup cracker.  The Worx 18v cordless string trimmer splits the difference: it’s electric — but cordless — so you (theoretically) get the best of both worlds. 

Besides just the fact that it’s cordless, the Worx trimmer is interesting because — in classic Worx fashion — it’s adjustable to the user and task.  The head tilts to fit in tight spaces, or to cut a sloped landscape.  The auxiliary handle has a finger-tip release to immediately change positions.  The shaft telescopes up to 8″ to match the user’s comfort, and the unit converts to an edger is as quick as a flip of the head and turn of the handle.  The 0.065″ line feeds automatically whenever needed.  Worx claims a one hour runtime, which seems like enough for some serious use. 

The Worx String Trimmer is priced at $99 plus a $7 S&H charge through the Worx site.

18v String Trimmer [Worx]


5 Responses to Finds: Worx 18v String Trimmer

  1. Simon says:

    I had a cordless one from Ryobi. Short story, only good for lightweight/quick jobs – while the run-time and speed is OK, they lack the power to knock down thick stuff and take forever. Perhaps this model is better.


  2. Joe says:

    What stinks is that this trimmer isn’t available anywhere in the U.S.A. except through the Worx website. I find that hard to believe considering it was listed in Popular Mechanics as an award winner two years ago. Last year, I bought a Black and Decker cordless trimmer that was defective and had to drive over an hour to return it, so I’m definitely hesistant to order this one online and have to deal with any hassles in returning it if there are any problems. Worx really needs to find some U.S. distributors.

  3. Jeff says:

    WORX trimmers are available @ COSTCO.com

  4. Tom says:

    YOu can also get them at Sears.com and Amazon.com.

  5. Hector Leon says:

    Donde puedo conseguir line para el trimmer Worx?Se suponia que era de por vida en la oferta.

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