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Having made my fair share of cuts on crown molding, the cutting jig from Bench Dog looks to me like a good way to make straight cuts on crown molding without the need to do a secondary cut to “fix” the first one. 

Since crown molding is inclined or “sprung” when installed, it works better if it is held on the miter saw at the same angle at which you’ll mount it.  This jig aims to make that process easier by adjusting to different spring angles and locking the molding in place for improved cut accuracy.  Directions on the jig body (in picture/diagram form) indicate the correct miter direction and molding orientation for each cut. 

The jig accepts molding up to 6″ wide and is compatible with 10″ or larger miter saws.  Street pricing starts at $28.

Is it just me, or does Bench Dog seem extraordinarily intuitive with their jig products?

Crown Molding Cutting Jig [Bench Dog]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: Crown Molding Cutting Jig

  1. Robert Sutton says:

    I need A jig to help me cut crown moulding all cuts

  2. Candido Catellano says:

    Where i can buy please

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