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Multi-tools come in all different shapes and sizes, but one thing that always gets us is the lack of a wrench.  Arguably, you need a wrench as much as a screwdriver, but still most multi-tools are sans wrench.  The Pocket Wrench from Coast Cutlery, though?  All wrench. 

The Pocket Wrench represents with an adjustable wrench as well as a few useful must-haves like a trusty clip pattern knife blade, small scissors, and the ever present screwdriver combo. 

Keep your Leatherman handy, but throw one in of these in the glove box (or on the keychain if you don’t fly much) and you can still tighten a small nut or bolt without resorting to pliers.

Street pricing starts at $14.

Pocket Wrench [Coast Cultlery]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: Pocket Wrench

  1. MrWilliamWallace says:

    Home Depot has a Husky branded one like this.

  2. Simon says:

    One word, junk. Sorry but it’s true.


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