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When I receive Dremel’s email newsletter, I expect to find three things: the story of someone who does something really, really cool with Dremels, a project that I’d never consider doing, and a product that I already know about. 

This time I got a dude hand-carving Santa statues (cool), some squarish-wood tab-together reindeer painted white (not happening), and something I didn’t know about! The deluxe window storage case looks like a sweet way to store and carry a Dremel and enough bits to get something done.

See, rather than buying one of those (awesome) big “kits” with the tool and a zillion bits, I came to Dremel slowly over time.  I picked up a tool, then a few bits to do a specific job.  Then every time I had a new job, I picked up a couple of bits.  Now I’ve got dozens of them, but the little box the original tool came in simply won’t hold them.

This looks like a great way to go: You’ve got a box big enough to hold a standard Dremel tool (and the cable, which many storage cases seem to (in)conveniently forget) plus a place to carry about 30 or 40 different bits.

Street pricing starts around $21, which seems pretty reasonable, and beats the hell out of a small standard tool box.

Deluxe Window Storage Case (Model 9673) [Dremel]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: A Place for Your Dremel to Call Home

  1. SuperJdynamite says:

    I have a Dremel case very similar to this. It came with my Dremel combo. I found that there’s a lot of unused air space in it and I never really use the flip-open spaces on the inside. This looks like an updated design where they’ve done away with the flip-open spaces and added an external drawer.

  2. Richard mayne says:

    You advertise this item but give no price — how much ?

  3. Cliff says:

    Where do I buy one?

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