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Matt from Johnston, RI writes: “It’s woodstove season in New England, and this tool packs quite a punch when breaking down stray branches around the yard for kindling.  I used to use one on our brush truck at the fire department and wanted one for the home.  100% guaranteed by the manufacturer too!  There are a few different versions so check out the site.  #284 is what I suggest.”

#284 is the one pictured above, by the way.  While this looks incredibly useful, this is one of those tools that you probably don’t want to always carry around in the car with you as it might be a bit difficult to explain to non-Toolmongers.  It reminds me of the first time I pulled out a 5+” pocket knife in the office to cut open a box…

Seriously, though, this looks like an excellent tool for the job described above.

Directly from the ‘site the #284 is priced just shy of $100.  As Matt points out, there are lots of other to choose from ranging from around $70 to over $100.  A little Froogling turned up some deals as well.

Woodsman’s Pal [Corporate Site]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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    Some perspective on having the right tool for the job:


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