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The inventor of this little gizmo submitted it — the FlexiSnake: a miniature, disposable drain snake.  The idea is that while it’s not a rotary tool like the ones we’ve covered in the last few days, it’s so much smaller and cheaper that you could use it before things get totally out of control.

It’s mainly designed to clear the hair clogs that commonly occur in bathrooms, and to that end it features a flat pad that’s small enough to slip down the drain, but spikey enough to grab hair.

The site features videos of the FlexiSnake in operation.  The site (and product) does have a bit of “as seen on TV” feel about it, but at $3 a pop, it might be worth a try.

The FlexiSnake [FlexiSnake.com]


4 Responses to Finds: A Pocket-Sized, Disposable Drain Snake

  1. Randy says:

    This is somewhat similar to the Zip-it drain cleaner, which I’ve used many times with great success. The Zip-it is a flat plastic bar with sliced barbs on the side, which grab hair when inserted in the drain. Zip-it clams that it is not reusable, but I wear latex gloves and pull the hair and junk out of it and use it again. Kinda gross, but I don’t normally throw away tools just because they get a little dirty.


  2. Blake West says:

    I just ordered one. I used to use an old dental pick for this sort of thing, but lost it in my last move. Boy, this is a nasty job. I hope the thing works.

  3. Blake West says:

    Well, I got it, and it worked.

  4. Mr P says:

    Just take some 2ft 12awg solid wire and a 2inch piece of sticky back Velcro the (not the industrial strength the hooks or too small) and now you made your own for about 25 cents

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