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Today we’re proud to annouce our “Day 19” winner in the 25 Days of Fuego give away: Jake.

Jake’s project: “Well, I had been posting projects that were fun, but now I’ve got one with importance:

We were hanging christmas lights and I was standing on the retaining wall beside the garage. Hmm, this wood looks questionable I thought: 



I grabbed it and sure enough it broke apart in my hands. So this has become my next project, replacing that sill before we get a lot more rain and water works its way down and into the garage wall. I’m sure the Feugo will aid in this and many other project at “this old house.”

Congrats, Jake, we hate those moments where you plan to do one project and all the sudden another one alters your plans. We have the before picture now, be sure to send the after as well!

If you didn’t win — try again today by posting your winter project (that makes use of the Fuego) as a comment on this post for another chance to win.  (And remember, though you can only win once, you can post projects as often as you’d like.  So, if yours wasn’t selected, don’t be afraid to give us a new take on it — or maybe link in a picture!)

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P.S. For another chance to win post your winter project on the day 20 winner.


6 Responses to 25 Days of Fuego: Day 19 Winner — Another Chance to Win

  1. Brian says:

    As the stay-at-home father of a 3 year old boy and a 4 year old girl, I can attest that these children are active and need a way to release energy! While in school, they have access to a playground, but at home? in the summer? My project is to build a climbable, 2-story playground structure in the backyard for my kids and their friends. It will need to have a slide, of course! and a small clubhouse on the bottom level, as well as a small covered sand pit. It will be made mostly of wood and TLC.

    Having priced these from various manufacturers, and being a true-blooded Toolmonger, I have decided to build it myself this winter. I am absolutely positive the Fuego can assist me in this endeavor and with many other projects to come. Thank you!

  2. Bill Gambardella says:

    I am going to build a workbench. I am tired of cutting moulding and trim on the ground in front of my garage. I have seen pre-fab benches that have alot more features than what i plan to build but what fun is that? My grandfather built a workbench back in the thirties that lasted up until last year when it became to rotted to work safely on. Besides when completed, i will be proud to call it an original. Just like Grandpa.

  3. Jake says:

    Sweet! You guys made my day.

  4. Brian says:

    Ah! Where are my manners? Congratulations to Jake and the other previous winners!

  5. Ed says:

    For a long time I’ve wanted to do some kind of project where I could get my son involved but I could never get him interested in building anything. My wife and I recently came up with the idea to build a miniature golf course in our backyard. Why not install fake grass since the real stuff won’t grow. Before you know it my son and I were drawing up a layout and plans for the holes and it’s coming together great. What we’re missing though are those structures that give the holes their charm. I’m talking about the tiny buildings, and bridges, and don’t forget the all important windmill. I mean, what kind of miniature golf course would it be without a windmill? So now our project is growing a bit beyond our original scope and I’m not sure a handsaw is going to survive the rest of the journey. Either way I’m sure we’ll still contintue to have a blast.

    Here is a crappy picture of what we are aiming for

  6. Brian says:

    My wife and I bought my parent’s old house and are currently fixing it up. We’ve done some finish work in the family room, upgraded the kitchen, and renovated a small bedroom. I still have the master bedroom to complete, a bathroom to renovate, and with any luck a shop to build.

    I could use the Fuego to construct some built-in shelves for my master bedroom and new bathroom. Since I don’t have much floor area in my basement, I really want to construct some space efficient storage for my shop. I made a couple simple workbenches using my hand saw but I imagine a Fuego would definitely speed up the construction of a clamp rack, mitre saw srand, and cabinets.

    Thanks for the site and this contest.