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Tim of Bolton, MA writes: “Here’s a tool that pops pesky saplings right out of the ground.  I’ve cleared dozens of unwanted pines off my land in an afternoon and no little stumps are left to trip over.”

Though it’s hard to tell from the picture, ‘Wrenches are actually made of wood welded steel.  (After reading Tim’s comment below, I double checked and he’s right: they’re steel.  Beats me what made me think they were wood.)  You simply place the sapling in the jaws and pull back to grab and pull in one motion.

They come in four sizes: heavy (up to 2.5″ and 24 lbs.), medium (2″/17.5 lbs.), light (1.5″/11.5 lbs.), and mini (1″/5.25 lbs.).  They range in height from 24″ to 60″, and range in price from $82 to $189.

That’s a bit pricey for a one-time use, but I suspect it’d be worthwhile for even a single large project — like Tim’s lot-clearing work.

The Weed Wrench [The Weed Wrench Co.]


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  1. Tim Udall says:

    The Weedwrench is not actually made of wood.
    Mine’s made mostly from welded-up sections of heavy-guage box-section steel tube.

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