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Trevor D. says that while this tool isn’t amazing, it does work great and is one of this favorites around the shop. He writes: “Run the reamer/deburring tool along the edge of a motor’s mating gasket surface, around freshly drilled holes, leading edges of oil seal cavities, and so on and — bam! — you get burr-free edges insuring a perfect seal and gouge free entry of any parts that will go right past that edge.  I use mine on steel, aluminum, plastic, you name it.”

The one pictured above is from Snap-on and is most certainly a nicer version than the decades-old one we have here.  And, at just $30 it might be worth coughing up the cash for a quality version.  If you’re looking for one on the cheap, though, you can find them (via the search below) starting around $6.

Deburring Tool [Snap-on]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


4 Responses to Reader Find: Snap-on Deburring Tool

  1. Nick Carter says:

    Buy the ones Noga and Vargus makes, don’t waste money on the Snap-On name, it looks exactly like any other deburring tool that I’ve seen.
    They are handy tools though, and they make some very cool heads fro sheet metal and other deburring jobs.

  2. KaiserM715 says:

    I have the version sold at Sears (about $12) that also has replaceable tips (one extra tip included in the package). All that and less than half the price of Snap-on

  3. Stuey says:

    The similar Noga tool (heavy duty with 5 blades, part # 4253A16) is $9 @ Mcmaster Carr.

  4. DRAX says:

    ha ha ha ha
    i buy 100 for my workers here in china
    costs 20 RMB (2 euro) and 10 spare parts blades costs 15 RMB (1.5 euro)

    when i see the prices here : what a rip off !!!

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