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Apparently appliances and power tools aren’t the only hot theft item this year.  The Greenwich Time reports that as the price of copper rises, so do the number of construction site thefts of “copper wire, pipes, gutters, and other fixtures.”  From the article:

While thefts of equipment from construction sites have been an ongoing problem, the theft of copper has been on the rise because of the metal’s rising value, Neighborhood Resource Officer Pierangelo Corticelli said.

As always, watch your gear when you’re on site.  And if you’re building a new house, you might want to stow that copper in the locked garage along with the appliances.

Metal Yen Gets Heavy Job-Site Copper on Theves’ Hit Parade [Greenwich Time]


5 Responses to Increasing Copper Value = Increasing Construction Site Theft

  1. James says:

    Ha. In the more rural parts of Nova Scotia, there have been reports of people breaking into power stations to steal copper wire. One dumbass managed to shut down service to a residential area, endangering his life in the process.

    I’ve also heard of people stealing road signs and selling them directly to scrap buyers.

  2. Scott says:

    In my area some theives attempted to steal a spool of 500 kmcl copper cable and were caught. This stuff is about 3 # per foot in weight and can be stripped easily. At the time, this summer, I think that #1 clean and bright scrap copper was about $3.00 per pound in our area. So we are talking about quite a few pennys. No pun intended!

  3. PaulS. says:

    Hey, I’m in your demolition and remodeling dumpsters, picking out the wire, cable, brass plumbing fixtures, copper tubing/pipe, discarded malfunctioning electrical power tools, stainless steel kitchen fittings, etc. that so many of you guys throw away. And that’s all I’m doing, so if you see me on your jobsite, looking over the edge of the dumpster, your tools and supplies are safe from me. Heck, you could leave them sitting out on the ground and I wouldn’t so much as look at them. Just a FYI.


  4. Toolaremia says:

    In Baltimore, scumba…er…thieves are swiping aluminum light poles. http://tinyurl.com/yeo2fc (baltimoresun.com)

    Unfortunately, at least in the US, the punishment for such crimes is so light that, combined with the low probability of getting caught, it is no deterrent at all.

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