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I came across this story today in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today describing how a Racine metal fabricator offered up space in his shop for the local trade school to offer an eight-week, 320-hour welding certificate course.  Why’s this cool?  (Thanks for asking.)  Three reasons: 1) The fabricator was hurting for local welding talent, but after the course he had all he needed, 2) the program’s giving a bunch of people who might otherwise end up flipping burgers for just above minimum wage an opportunity to learn (and earn from) a skilled trade, and 3) a number of the school’s students are female, helping to despell the unpleasently-common myth that tools are only for men.

Speaking of women welders, does anyone else remember that uber-cool lady that did all the welding on Discovery’s Big?  I seem to remember that she taught at a community college.  I wonder what she’s up to?

Anyway, I get a real charge from this kind of article — and it makes me wish that I knew more about welding.  I can hook things together, but I certainly wouldn’t claim to be a “welder.”

Welding Boot Camp: A Faster Solution to Filling Job Openings [JSOnline.com]


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  1. Rick says:

    I’d love if they offered this around me.
    Granted, my parents would have a conniption fit after spending all that money on college, and then having gone through Grad school too.. But frankly, I’m not cut out for suit and tie corporate work.. I can certainly walk the walk and talk the talk, but I’m more at home talking cars and tools and construction, than I am bond market, server clusters, and database admins.

    If I could make a serious living at doing something with my hands, I’d consider it.

  2. Thats great. I know they were talking about doing ssomething like this in my town but I haven’t heard anything more about it. Welding jobs are increasing more, well at least in my area they are. Their are alot of people struggling and this would help.

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