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It seems that our drain cleaner find has reminded a number of readers about some cool tools they use to solve plumbing issues.  For example, Eli writes: “If you’ve got a small racecar, a hair comb, an apple core wrapped in toilet paper, or a massive poo trapped in the bowl of your toilet (as opposed to the drain line, where you could go through a cleanout or the vent with a conventional or powered snake) then you need an auger.  In fact, if you have kids, go get one right now because you’ll need it eventually.

“All of them that I’ve seen are under ten bucks or so, and they pretty much work the same way; the main difference between this and a ‘snake’ is the rigid length of conduit that the spring travels through.  It also has what at first take looks like vinyl tubing handgrips on it.  These should be positioned so they contact the china of the bowl, which prevents the bowl from getting scratched.  Stick it in and start cranking — like a pirate’s treasure hunt, but with more cursing.  If you can’t clear the bowl after, say, an hour or so, make a trip and buy yourself a new bowl for twenty bucks.  Don’t forget to get a new wax ring.”

We know for a fact that Eli’s currently working on a bathroom renovation, because he joined us for a podcast a while back.  He’s an interesting guy, and definitely has some experience with this kind of thing.  He recommended a selection from a place called PlumbingStore.com (pictured).

Toilet Augers [PlumbingStore.com]



One Response to Reader Find: A Toiler Auger

  1. Eli says:

    To be totally fair to the kids, the hair comb/new bowl incident had nothing to do with them. Names will remain un-named…

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