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What’s better than having a bike in the garage?  Having enough room in there for another one. The Wheel Dock holds your motorcycle upright by the front wheel without leaning it over — gaining you that little bit of space that might make the difference between having a bike, and having a couple of bikes.  Sweet.

The Wheel dock is a metal frame with a gas strut that operates a wheel clamp.  You just drive up and put the wheel in and tap the lever to activate the clamp, which you can do while still astride your ride.  The ‘Dock holds the bike upright, and you hop off.

Our first thought was that it would tip over if you bump it but there is a great video on the Wheel Dock site of a guy wailing on it, and the bike doesn’t tip.  That alone would put it in our “buy” list, but the Wheel Dock’s “Transport Bar” — the horizontal long bar at the front of the unit — has holes and hooks that can be secured to a trailer, too.  Thinking about building a custom bike trailer?  Here’s your ticket.

The whole package looks like a great way to park/store or haul your two wheeled ride, and it’s available through the Wheel Dock site for around $300. 

Wheel Dock Cycle Stand [Wheel Dock]


3 Responses to Finds: Wheel Dock Cycle Stand

  1. shawn says:

    I don’t even have a motorcycle (yet) I and I think this is cool.

  2. 2.el makina says:

    I have a site for vehicle truck.One day i will buy this machine.
    but this is very difficult

  3. jacques laurin says:

    where can I buy one in canada near MONTREAL thank you jake

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