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Spec Tools makes quite a variety of straight, ratcheting, and offset screwdrivers, but when reader Sandro tipped us off to this kit it really caught our attention; it seems to include the most useful round-up of Spec Tools’ products — straight and offset drivers for use manually (with the included handle) or any 1/4″ powered driver.

Our favorite part, though is the geared 90-degree offset, which seems like just the kind of tool to save your ass when you can’t find any other way to get at a fastener.

The version pictured here comes from stereo-sales-giant Crutchfield — we left their phone number in their picture — and includes a 2-position drive handle, unlike the kit we found directly from Spec.  Regardless, the components of the kit go together to offer some 300 different driver combinations, which further speaks to the kit’s usefulness.

It’s not horribly expensive, either, at $50 from Crutchfield.  The kit’s marketed in different variants under a variety of brands, and Froogle turns up dozens of them ranging from $30 to $70 or so.

The Skewdriver Pro (Model SPK4042) [Crutchfield]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Finds: Spec Tools’ Skewdriver Kit

  1. dac says:

    I’ve have the skewdriver for about 10 years, though over the years my various moves and such have misplaced almost everything but the geared offset head. That is really the heart of the kit, and has proved itself worth the cost of admission from time to time. It’s not the best quality, but it works, and isn’t really comparable to any offering from another manufacturer that I know of.

    It’s a little difficult to get any serious torque on it, but most times I use it, it’s *impossible* to get any torque with any other tool I have.

    The head is very compact, which makes it able to get into places that an angle drill can’t. It’s also very lightweight. The thumbpad/handle thing (chrome swoop-looking bit just to the right of the angled head in the photo) is removable and reversible to make sure you can get the head in where it goes.

    I don’t remember what I paid. I’m not sure I’d pay $70 but one time of really needing it (and not having it) would probably make $70 seem like a bargain.


    If you go to http://www.qvc.com and type “spec tools”it will turn up a 46 piece master screwdriver kit for $29.68 plus shipping…this is one hell of a deal you get the offset driver head, 2 handles, 1 straight and 1 hinged straight/angled handle that rachets,..5 drillbits, 5 jewelers screwdrivers ,5
    1/4 in. drive 5 inch screwdriver shafts ,2 magnetic bit holders , 1, 4-1/2in. and 1, 1-1/2 in. plus about 25 assorted bits including7 socket bits and a 1/4 inch driver adapter…

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