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Let’s play word association!  When you say “pipe wrench,” I think “red,” “heavy,” and “rusty.”  Irwin’s new quick adjusting pipe Wrench looks to shatter that image with some new thinking and trusty industrial design.  Their “quick-adjusting” pipe wrench offers a one-handed operation via a ratcheting jaw that freely scoots right up to the work surface to shorten adjustment time.

It also features a “smooth release” upon job completion that won’t jar you or the pipe. The broached teeth are constructed to ideally suit gripping most surfaces including blackened, galvanized, PVC, and copper pipe, as well as nuts, bolts and couplings.

Did I mention it looks cool?  The new wrench from Irwin weighs 43% less than other standard 14″ cast-iron pipe wrenches and features an riveted-to-the-steel-body ergonomic handle for comfort under heavy torque.

Lighter and quicker is new thing for a pipe wrench, but if you’re carrying one all day the weight might actually save you some muscle for those 12 oz. curls later in the evening.

Street pricing starts at $25.

Quick Adjusting Pipe Wrench [Irwin]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


3 Responses to Finds: Quick Adjusting Pipe Wrench

  1. Trevor D. says:

    Oooh I like it. I have no need for a pipe wrench, but if I did…

  2. Jim Deitzel says:

    I’ve been browsing the Irwin site and it seems that they have a bunch of new tools that have added something a little new to old tools. Check out these drill bit, http://www.irwin.com/irwin/consumer/jhtml/speedbor/speedbor.jhtml. Like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

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