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Today we’re proud to annouce our “Day 17” winner in the 25 Days of Fuego give away: Shawn.

Shawn’s project: “We live in an 80 year old house that has an attic straight out of the movies – there’s a staircase (behind a door) up to it’s full unfinished glory. It’s about 10′ high in the center and slopes down on the sides and is fuly floored – perfect for a seasonal kids play area – it just needs a big old trunk filled with “dress-up clothes”. That and a closed off area for storage, which is where the Fuego would come in handy. I’m hoping to build a closed off storage area at one end of the attic so that all of the Christmas boxes, etc can be put in there and the rest of the attic can be used as a play room/area, as well as a reading nook in the dormer that’s up there. The Fuego would do the cutting of the 2-by and plywood nicely and save the running down to the shop in the basement to make cuts on my table saw. ”

Congrats, Shawn, turning the spooky hollywood attic into the envy of every kid on the block is a very cool idea.

If you didn’t win — try again today by posting your winter project (that makes use of the Fuego) as a comment on this post for another chance to win.  (And remember, though you can only win once, you can post projects as often as you’d like.  So, if yours wasn’t selected, don’t be afraid to give us a new take on it — or maybe link in a picture!)

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P.S. For another chance to win post your winter project on the day 18 winner.


5 Responses to 25 Days of Fuego: Day 17 Winner — Another Chance to Win

  1. Kevin Cooney says:

    I just moved into an old house (circa 1930) that’s luckily in great shape. The radiator in each room has one of those old-style radiator covers covering it, except the one in the master bedroom, which is bare. As a beginning woodworker, I think copying the other radiator covers for this bare one would be the perfect project for me to start out with, since they’re mostly right angles and butt joints. My tool set it pretty limited (the only thing I own that plugs in is a jigsaw), and I know the Fuego would make this job a snap.

  2. Chris Murray says:

    I desperately need a new shed, the current one, looks like it is older than my house (25 years), and has a leaky roof. I can’t keep the yard tools in there because I do not want them to rust. So now I’m left with my lawn mower, chainsaws, weed eater, etc in my garage, hogging my valuable shop space!

    If I won the Fuego, I’d use it to build myself a new shed, and make it even larger, so that I can move all the non-shop things out of the garage, and into the shed. If I get carried away, I might just build a shop. 🙂 And I guess after that, I can use the Fuego to start my “Honey do” list.

  3. Chris Slingluff says:

    In my shed/workshop my wife has an old oval kitchen table which she uses as a gardening table. The table however it is too deep (it’s difficult to reach the far side when potting stuff) and does not make good use of the space being oval. I am going to make a replacement gardening table for her this winter. The table will be a scaled down version of my work bench. I intend to have a little trap door in the top so that she can open it and sweep trash of soil back down in the bucket she can store below it. I will be cutting some shelves as she needs a place to store all her pots, soils, tools, etc. I will also be constructing some 4 wheel dollies so that she can keep her spare dirt in large pots beneath the table that she will be able to wheel where she needs.

    I hope to win your contest so that I may use this speedy saw to quickly complete these winter project for my wife, making her happy and reclaiming space in my workshop for me.

  4. Bill Gambardella says:

    Spoke with my brother today and we decided that for Christmas we are going to build my nephew (his son) a treehouse. We are currently going over some websites that have plans and material lists. When we were growing up we never had a place to go to call our own and get away from mom and dad. A hideaway we could have friends over, trade baseball cards, hold secret meetings and talk about girls. We decided to not let the boy miss out on this piece of Americana. We also plan to use heavy duty lumber and make it strong enough so his dad and uncle can go up there and enjoy it also.

  5. Stephen Heil says:

    If I won the Fuego, I’d jump into a fireplace mantel project. Our house currently has a slab of 4×12 pine and I’d like to do some thing a bit more decorative.

    Thaks for hosting the ToolMonger Site!
    — Steve