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Jake writes: “My first saw purchase was a jigsaw.  I was willing to front some more money to get a quality tool that I could use to cut arcs and holes as well as straight line cuts.  The Bosch is a barrel grip, so you can get down lower on the tool.  The precision control system is a pair of rolling guides that lock into place with a button push to prevent wander during straight line cuts.  Hitting the button for the one touch blade change literally launches the blade out of the tool.

“It allows you to dial in the amount of orbiting action, which is noticable.  Registering the 3-year ‘Provantage’ warranty can be done easily online.  My only complaint would be how the blower is tied to the main motor so when running at lower speeds chips aren’t cleared as well as they are a the high end.”

Jake, your timing in submitting this is awesome as we’ve been considering picking up a new jigsaw for some upcoming woodworking projects in the shop.  We’ve got one, but it’s older than me, and it’s definitely seen better days.  The Bosch looks pretty impressive.

Street pricing for the kit (tool, three blades, anti-splinter insert, no-mar overshoe, carrying case) starts around $180.

Barrel Grip Jig Saw Kit [Bosch]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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