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You can ask Sean — I’ve been talking about building one of these for about a year now: a robot spider large enough to ride.  There are lots of little kits out there for quadropods and hexapods, but I want one big enough to be scary — like this one that I came across on MAKE today.

They appear to have gone the hydraulic route, which is probably best, though I wonder if it wouldn’t be possible to use a spring system to support some of the robot’s weight, allowing the use of simpler servos.  Hell, I could go on about this at length, but I think I’ll hold it for comments.

At any rate, kudos to the group that put this together for Burning Man 2006, and you can bet that I’m going to be scanning the site before I set out to build my own — which I will.  Yes, I will…

The Mondo Spider Project [Build Blog] [via]


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