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We’ve got one of these exact carts in our shop here at Toolmonger — if you look at some of the past how-to and hands-on posts you can see it — and it’s been incredibly useful for such a cheap and simple product.  This particular one comes from Harbor Freight.  It’s normally priced at $40, but in the last few flyers we’ve seen it on sale for $20 — a killer deal.

They also make a three-tier version of it which looks tempting, though it is nice to be able to carry larger items in the bottom bin.

We use ours mainly for hauling around all the tools we’re using on automotive projects — like Project Yukon.  Rather than scattering tools all over the shop, we put them in the cart, then roll the cart over to the car.  At the end of the day you can either leave your tools in the cart or roll the cart over to your toolboxes and put the tools away.

There are some much nicer ones around, but hey, you can’t really go wrong at $20.

16″ x 30″ Steel Service Cart [Harbor Freight]


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