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Today we’re proud to annouce our “Day 15” winner in the 25 Days of Fuego give away: Greg Pearson.

Greg’s project: “I purchased two vanities and other related bathroom items with the idea of re-doing two bathrooms. I finally got started a few weeks ago on the kids. I ended up removing the fir-down and most of the sheet rock… then the surprises started coming… I ended up having to replace most of the studs in the wall and my 18v cordless really wasn’t up to the chore. I needed to pull a Flanders and borrow my neighbors power saw… Well, in a few weeks I will be starting the next bathroom. I plan to tear out the fir down in there and at least one wall, replacing it with another. I am also planning on building a custom vanity top. If I live through all this I am planning on converting our back porch into a playroom for the kids. It will need at least 2 walls built for that. ”

Congrats, Greg, no more Flanders for you! Hopefully the second one will go smoother than the first for you.

If you didn’t win — try again today by posting your winter project (that makes use of the Fuego) as a comment on this post for another chance to win.  (And remember, though you can only win once, you can post projects as often as you’d like.  So, if yours wasn’t selected, don’t be afraid to give us a new take on it — or maybe link in a picture!)

Contest Details [Toolmonger/RIDGID]

P.S. For another chance to win, comment with your winter project on the Day 16 winner post!


6 Responses to 25 Days of Fuego: Day 15 Winner — Another Chance to Win

  1. Bill Gambardella says:

    My project is my dining room. I live in an older home and the plaster walls were cracked and crumbling. One day i decided to rip down all the plaster and put up new sheetrock. Some corners did not have studs in them to screw the sheetrock to so i had to rip some 2x4s to length with my dad’s old jigsaw. I have a mini circular saw that’s battery operated but only one battery and the charge hardly lasts long. To finish this project I plan on putting in new windows but i am going to have to re-frame them after removal of the old windows and that means cutting more 2x4s and being in NY in winter it will be mighty cold if the windows can’t be installed in one day. I also have a brand new bloodwood floor to lay down. It’s absolutely beautiful and will make the room. I chose to do a diagonal pattern in the middle of the floor so this entails laying the boards and then cutting the excess with a circular saw to make the perfect square. If you are familiar with the bloodwood species it is one of the hardest most dense woods on the Janka scale. Cutting this flooring will be a chore without a good saw and this project might not ever see completion.

  2. Paul Z says:

    There is a large entertainment center in my living room that came with the house (built-in). My girlfriend absolutely hates it, but I, “mister no taste whatsover”, don’t mind it. Except for the mid-section, which begs to get overhauled. So, my plan is to cut out the cabinets from the bottom of the middle section, do a little cutting and wiring, put some creative finishes, and slide in a custom fish tank.
    Luckily for the fishes, the TV right above the tank is hardly ever used, and when it is used, the sound gets projected through the ceiling-mounted speakers. So the marine life won’t feel like it’s a rock concert every time “it’s a showtime”.
    In addition to all of that, I’m going to install a submersible web cam for the tank and have it feed the video to the TV. I think it’ll be great to have your own Discovery channel. What do you think?

  3. Roger says:

    This last summer I enlisted my dad to help build myself an arcade cabinet. I don’t own any tools myself and he was happy to help and lend his tools for the job. The end result turned out great and we both learned a few things in the process. It was tough for him to give it up afterwards as he began having PacMan flashbacks. Now I’d like to give back to him for his help by building another arcade cabinet just for him. This would be my first real project like this on my own. This saw would definitely help make this project a reality.

  4. Chris Slingluff says:

    In my shed/workshop my wife has an old oval kitchen table which she uses as a gardening table. The table however it is too deep (it’s difficult to reach the far side when potting stuff) and does not make good use of the space being oval. I am going to make a replacement gardening table for her this winter. The table will be a scaled down version of my work bench. I intend to have a little trap door in the top so that she can open it and sweep trash of soil back down in the bucket she can store below it. I will be cutting some shelves as she needs a place to store all her pots, soils, tools, etc. I will also be constructing some 4 wheel dollies so that she can keep her spare dirt in large pots beneath the table that she will be able to wheel where she needs.

    I hope to win your contest so that I may use this speedy saw to quickly complete these winter project for my wife, making her happy and reclaiming space in my workshop for me.

  5. Steve says:

    After flood damage last year, I have spent the summer raising my house from about 9″ above grade to about 48″ above grade. It now sits on piers that were replaced, and 14″ steel I- beams.

    I tore off the old deck to jack the house up and now need to build a new 14′ X 24′ deck, as the first step down out my my sliding door is rather large (watch the first step, it’s a doozy!)
    My old Black-N-Decker Deck-N-Wrecker just ain’t cuttin it anymore.

  6. Steve says:

    My wife wants a mud room. While replacing my piers (after last year’s flood problem) I stuck two additional 12′ apart and 10′ from the house. I plan on adding a 12′X12′ mud room, canitlevered over the piers, with new steps adding to the appearance of the entry way.