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MAKE’s always full of fun projects, but the current TNT newsletter focuses on our favorite projects of the season: homemade gifts.  You’ll want to check out the newsletter itself for others, but here’s our favorite: building your own personal Stonehenge. 

Arwen O’Reilly: “For most of us, celebrating the winter solstice at Stonehenge is a bit of a hike.  Paul Doherty has a solution for you: make your own.  His fact-filled website has instructions for designing a structure with angles that point to solstice sunrises and sunsets in your chosen location, wherever in the world you happen to be.  Bring your mistletoe and your mead, and you’re set!”

 Now that’s a true Toolmonger-style project.  Just make sure you get the scale right…

Check out the Tools-N-Tips site at Make for more information about the above (and other) cool items, or better yet just sign up for the newsletter yourself and let them deliver it right to you.  We do.


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