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Brad wrote in with this deal he found: “Not sure if this is at all Home Depots, but at one of the local ones here they have the three of these as a combo for around $175.  I’ve been looking for a brad nailer to do some small woodworking projects, and I think that this may be for me.  The brad nailer normally runs around $119, the finish nailer $179, and the pivoting driver $99.  Do the math and you’re saving a little over $200.  Check your local store to see if they are running with ths combo.”

We didn’t find an online listing for it, but the ‘Depot often does regional sales like this.  Looks like a pretty sweet deal.


7 Responses to Deals: RIDGID Finish Nailer and Brad Nailer Combo at Home Depot

  1. Brad Huffman says:

    Purchased this at the Home Depot I found it at for $179, then stopped by the other local HD, and this 3 piece como was running $199 so your mileage may vary on the price.

  2. I dunno, I have a $15 brad nailer from Harbor Freight that works perfectly well for small woodworking projects. Even so, it would be nice to have a finish nailer, so I’ll stop by HD this weekend.

  3. Jim Owensby says:

    Apparently the price has gone down again. Just picked up two of these at the PeachTree City Ga Home Depot for $118.00 per set. Quite a deal.

  4. Eric Aston says:

    Patrick, I also tried the Harbor freight cheapo, and have had two of them break now, I won’t bother having it replaced again. I definately got my money’s worth on the first one, it shot a couple of thousand brads before dying. I’m tired of returning it, so I’ll be looking for a Ridgid or other good nailer.

  5. Joe says:

    Right now many Ridgid tools are at least 20% off. Just picked up this set for $118 also. Amazing deal considering the lifetime parts and service warranty.

  6. Chris M. says:

    Make sure you either send in the registration or fill it out online to get the full lifetime warranty. Otherwise it’s only 3 years. Cool thing is that it covers rechargeable batteries too.

  7. John says:

    Still waiting for this to go on sale in the New Orleans area. It is still $199 as of today. Home Depot SKU# is 162499 and Ridgid Part # is R6900FNA.

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