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Roscoe writes: “These are simply the best scales I’ve found for two reasons:
1) They’re sturdy enough to last a lifetime, and 2) they don’t look like everybody else’s scale, so if you’ve got one at work, you’ll always know it’s yours.

“Alumicolor also sells 6″ pocket scales that are very handy for the truck or a shirt pocket.  They all make great Christmas presents and are very affordable gifts.  I gave my brother a set of engineering and architectural in regular and pocket sizes last year- of course his are different colors than mine!”

Pricing starts around $4 (and goes up from there based on the model).

Solid Triangular Drafting Scales [Alumicolor]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


One Response to Reader Find: Solid Aluminum Scales

  1. Dazrin says:

    Ok. I want one. Or 6.

    My wife and I are both engineers, and use scales daily. These look great and are a reasonable price.

    Not sure how well the hollow versions will hold up (seem too thin) but I am gonna at least go play with them. The 18″ scale would be awesome for some things. I think my wife will like the color – she keeps whining about people wandering away with her scales and this should help her be able to identify them.

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