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Patrick writes: “These are my favorite addition to my contractor’s table saw.  Instead of installing a mobile base, these retracting casters attach to the splayed legs of the table saw.  When retracted, they allow the saw to sit securely on the floor (as God intended), then they easily pop down when I need to move the saw.”

I’ve used a version of this that’s mounted to an adjustable square base, but this looks like it’d be more versatile.

The one pictured comes from woodcraft.com — a set of four runs $40.

Retracting Casters [Woodcraft.com]


3 Responses to Reader Find: Retracting Casters for Table Saws

  1. The mechanism for these is pretty interesting – press down to lower the wheel and lock it into place. Press down again and the spring pops the wheel back up.

  2. Trevor says:

    Where do you buy these?

  3. Kathy Bean says:

    Interested in prices and availibility

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