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If you maybe passed on Bosch’s one-size-fits-all quick-change hole saw mandrel — called the Power Change Hole Saw System — when you first saw it because you already own a bunch of hole saws, Bosch wants to give you a second chance.  Last week they announced the release of an adapter set that screws onto your existing hole saws and makes them compatible with the ‘system. 

This strikes me as a really cool idea: If you’re going to the trouble to design and sell a custom quick-change system for hole saws, why not put out an adapter to let your customers use their existing, other-branded saw cups?

Bosch’s kit contains six adapters which screw onto exisitng saw cups.  And once you’ve converted your existing saws, they’d love you to try out some of the 53 different sizes they offer directly.  They also sell 3/8″, 1/2″ and SDS-Plus shanks for the ‘system, so you can pretty much expand in whichever direction is most useful.

We’ll get back to you with pricing once these hit the street.


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