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This little device attaches to vertical and horizontal surfaces, adjusts via three screw-type feet, and then projects a beam to simplify the installation of items along the level line.  Sure, there are zillion-dollar units designed for professional cabinet installers, but at just $30, this one looks like it’d be great for hanging pictures and such.

It comes with a small case and runs off two common AA batteries.  It also ships with two wall attachments: a drywall type and a keyhole type.  You can also mount it on a tripod or other stable surface for trickier installs.  Two built-in level vials assist in alignment.

It’s not fancy, but hey — it’s not expensive, either.

Sight-Line Multi-Function Laser Level (Model BDL210S) [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


4 Responses to Finds: A Low-Cost Laser Level

  1. Norman says:

    I’ve seen that laser level you’re speaking of sold at Home Depot at the price you quoted but theres a tool I personally prefer called the Bull’s Eye by Black & Decker. This device offers you a laser level, stud finder, detects metal, wood and electrical wiring behind walls all for around the same price. It’s very portable and compact as well as affordable. If you are a heavy user of power drills this device is a must have for obvious reasons. As a matter of fact Home Depot sells Black & Decker 14.4 and 18 volt cordless drills with a Bull’s Eye added as a bonus and the prices can’t be beat. $60 for the 14.4-volt cordless drill; $80 for the 18-volt cordless drill and these drills have gel grips for maximum comfort. I’ve personally checked them out and the package is a great deal. Not getting off the but it was something worth mentioning here.

  2. Norman says:

    I meant to say: not getting off the subject. My apologies for the type O.

  3. Jake says:

    Looks like that linking to the page doesn’t work, you can search for “bull eye” and it comes up right away.

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