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Roscoe writes: “This is the only valve that I’ve found which allows you to spray soap concentrate at high pressure through any pressure washer with any wand or tip.  It turns an affordable pressure washer from the home center into a machine that feels like the wand at the car wash.  Every pressure washer manufacturer should include this with their unit.”

This looks way better than the little bin on my crappy electric power washer.  The one pictured above comes from Northern Tool, and sells for $30.

Upstream Pressure Washer Soap Injector [Northern Tool]


2 Responses to Reader Find: Upstream Pressure Washer Soap Injector

  1. shawn says:

    If it works as advertised it would work great for someone who washes cars a lot. If I ever get a power washer, I would have to get one of these.

  2. Larry skow says:

    Hi pressure or down stream soap injectors are a waste of time and money. You can only apply soap at reduced pressure so you go thru more soap then you would if you have a upstream application where you can contol the amount of soap you use.

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