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Roscoe writes: “Bosch is finally selling this stand apart from its table saws, and it’s the perfect companion to any job-site table saw you’ve got.  I set aside the folding stand on my DeWalt table saw and bolted the saw to this stand.  The stand is easy to move in both the open and folded positions.  I saw this at a woodworking show a few years ago and have loved it ever since, it makes moving a table saw a breeze.”

Street pricing starts around $150.

Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand (Model TS2000) [Bosch]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


2 Responses to Reader Find: Bosch’s Gravity-Rise Table Saw Stand

  1. Ed says:

    The Bosch table saw stand is “all right”. It has little small wheels that don’t navigate a typical construction site very easily. It doesn’t include an outfeed support either. I can’t be sure, but I think it is made of alumium, whick in my opinion won’t last very long. If you are looking for a more complete solution, take a look at the KwikStand. It has a built-in outfeed support that works great, LARGE wheels that roll over the construction site and up steps. It is made of welded steel tubing, I have had a couple in use for several years and they still work great. It sets up and takes down at least as quick and easy as the Bosch too! You can buy it direct at http://www.kwikstand.info or through Amazon.

  2. Steve Anderson says:

    i use this all the time, i am an installation contractor, up to 5-6 jobsites per day, it not only works well, but has survived some serious abuse

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