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Wet sanding can your ride’s paint job from “also ran” to “show stopper,” but if you’re not careful you can end up with irregular deep scratches that take you right back to square one.  Norton Automotive claims that unique shaping of the aluminum oxide heat-treated grain on their Black Ice sandpaper provides a more consistent cut, which means less accidental deep scratches, more uniform finish, and less re-sanding.

Norton says the grain also tougher — they say it lasts 25% longer — which helps to mitigate the price difference.

Its backing looks durable and pliable so it should be easy to bend and form to your application.  The overall goal with Black Ice is to bring out a surface to a finish that is far easier to buff out in less time than with other wet sandpapers. 

Street pricing starts at $23.

Black Ice [Norton Automotive]
Street Pricing [Froogle]


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  1. Chadrad says:

    The Norton Black Ice Waterproof sandpaper is awesome but unfortunately there are only a handful of websites that offer a good selection of grits. One is at: http://www.emisupply.com/catalog/abrasives-sheets-c-205_231.html

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