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Speaking of homemade tools, reader sizod sends us this eBay special which looks pretty easy to build yourself: “Plow Cycle — the easy-to-build, easy-on-you snow removal tool.  Recycled from an old bicycle, it’s perfect for people who like easy snow shoveling.  It’s fun to use.  I know what you’re thinking: snow shoveling can be FUN?  It lets you use the leverage (the wheel) to lift the blade, carry the blade, and toss the show.  With both handles parallel, you avoid back spasms and hernias.”


If you look in the auction description, there’s a link to lots more pictures of the Plow Cycle in use for other tasks as well. 

Living in Texas, I don’t get that much opporunity to throw snow.  Can any of you northerners (or Canadias) give us a take on this?  Is it worth building?

The Plow Cycle [eBay Auction]


4 Responses to eBay Auction: The Plow Cycle

  1. James says:

    This looks like a DIY version of the Wovel: http://www.wovel.com/

    The Wovel looks mighty interesting but I don’t think I’d pay US$120 for it. It probably wouldn’t work too well on my steep-sloped driveway anyway. I can see it falling over sideways.

    My $30 curved ergonomic shovel is just fine for me. It’s S-shaped design causes snow to be thrown more horizontally, so you use a lot less energy than if you were throwing it up in the air.

  2. ambush27 says:

    It might work well for light snows but I can’t see it working too well for a big pile of snow.

  3. dbc3 says:

    I have a diagonal-blade plow with just a regular shovel handle. Works great. I can clear a 4-inch snowfall at a fairly brisk walking pace. Only effort is in keeping a straight line, with the lateral force of pushing snow to the side. Combine that blade concept with this device and you’d REALLy have something! I may give it a shot.

  4. petka24 has nylons says:

    What about the other ones?

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